Top Family Holiday Destinations 2018


With summer starting to bring fantastic weather to the UK, I’ve began choosing where to go on this year’s big summer family holiday- with new places becoming more accessible every year the world truly is your oyster- here is a few of the top picks for me and my family this year.


Florida, United States of America

An old favourite for all the family, Florida truly is the holiday of a lifetime, and with departures leaving from across the UK it couldn’t be easier to get there. With incredible beaches like clear water and Miami being easily accessible and the worlds’ best theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens on your doorstep this holiday truly will be action packed- with as much fun for you as for the kids.

If you are interested in visiting Florida, make sure you plan your full trip ahead- there is so much to see and do you need to make every second count!

Tenerife, Canary Islands

If you want to look a little bit closer to home, a family favourite is always Tenerife- with some beautiful beaches, incredible shopping and even fantastic water parks such as Siam Park to keep the kids happy.

The benefit of place like Tenerife is how tourist friendly the resorts are, with a wide array of family-friendly nightlife such as shows, musicals and even child-focused entertainment.


Lemnos, Northern Greece

Although a recent discovery for me, Lemnos has some incredible things to offer for the family who wants to be active and take in some culture while on holiday. With activities such as sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and water skiing available this is the perfect time for the family to learn some new skills, or even perfect existing skills, whilst having fun.

When researching Lemnos holidays, I came across Mark Warner Family Holidays who have a dedicated luxury resort on the island, with childcare available, allowing for some time alone with my partner, whilst the kids are still enjoying themselves.

Paris, France

If you prefer cities, why not stay closer to home and visit the beautiful French capital, famous for food, shopping, culture and diversity the city truly has something for everyone.

In the summer, Paris becomes a bustling hotspot with so many family friendly activities such as Paris-Plages, temporary beaches which are constructed along the river seine, Disneyland Resort Paris, which can easily be reached from central Paris by train and is a magical experience for kids and even simply visiting the iconic and inimitable Eiffel Tower and witnessing the lightshow.

Although previously thought of as a romantic location, I have come to understand Paris to be much more than that, and welcoming to the whole family- one of the best ways to visit Paris is by Eurostar- why not spend a few days in London then on to Paris?

London, United Kingdom

London truly is the capital of the UK for a reason, with so much to see and do from the London Eye and The Shard to Buckingham and Kensington Palace to Harrods- no matter how long you spend in this fabulous city you still will have things to see and do.

London is very family friendly, with many of the iconic main sites creating a magical feeling for the little ones and dedicated attractions such as London Dungeons and nearby Harry Potter Experience at Warner Brother Studios making fantastic days out.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my top picks for my upcoming family holiday, stay posted to see if I opt for one of these, or somewhere else comes out on top!





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