Budget holiday ideas

In a dream world we would all have endless funds that would make taking time off from work easy and spending money on luxury holidays hardly any kind of consideration. However for most of us, we need to save up for holidays and can’t always manage the 5 star luxury we’ve been dreaming of. Not to fret though, there are plenty of ways to get away even on a shoestring budget.

Maybe it’s because you’ve got a large family, or perhaps it’s because you’ve recently changed jobs or moved house, but whatever the reason, it is really easy to have a fantastic holiday even when money is tight. Here are a few practical and easy to follow tips that’ll see you enjoying great hols.


A firm family friendly favourite as well as with groups of friends looking for a great holiday without a high price tag, self-catering accommodation is the ideal way to keep your costs down. One big trip to the supermarket is going to be far less expensive than dining out every day, and it means that when you do go out for a meal, it is going to be much more memorable. Add into this the fact that you’ll have more freedom with your apartment than you would in a normal hotel, and self-catering can be a wonderfully secluded type of holiday.


Another favourite type of holiday amongst families, particularly those with younger children, camping can give a wonderfully relaxing and more natural type of holiday. If you’ve got a good tent already, all you’ll have to pay for are your campsite, electricity and for how many people – depending on the campsite, children under a certain age often go free! We do recommend getting a fridge hook-up though since that’ll help to keep your food costs down.

Home swap

Aside from holiday sites that specialise in this kind of thing, have a think about whether you have a friend or family member who wouldn’t mind trying out a home swap for 4 or 5 days. Maybe you live by the sea and they live in the countryside – it can be wonderfully refreshing to have a change of scene, and you’ll be able to live almost as cheaply as you would in your own home. Do draw up an agreement though and make sure your home insurance is up to scratch before you take the home-swap plunge!

Last minute

If you don’t mind taking a bit of a risk, then hanging on to see if you can’t get a fabulous last minute package deal can be a great way to get a wonderful holiday on a budget. Holiday providers would rather see the rooms and flights filled than not, so if you are prepared to hang on, you can end up with a top notch holiday at a bargain price. Just remember though, you’ll need to be a little flexible and there are no guarantees that the right deal for you is going to pop up.

Taking a holiday even on a budget is easy, so don’t shelve your plans this year when you could enjoy getting away too!

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