Tight for time? Choose a mini package break!

When we think of holidays, a lot of us automatically start imagining a 2 week holiday lying on a beach somewhere under the sun. But not only is this not for everyone what with different time constraints and tastes, but there is a growing tendency towards taking shorter breaks more frequently than one long one.

Holidays are really good for us and our well-being, giving us the chance to explore somewhere new, get away from it all, and of course there is all of that delicious excitement in the lead up to the break. If you’re a little short on days off this year, or perhaps you don’t like leaving home for so long, why not jump on the bandwagon and take a mini package break instead – you won’t be disappointed! To help persuade you that mini breaks are the way forward, here are some of the great reasons you should be taking one this year.

All you need is a long weekend

So we’ve already touched on this, but of course one of the most practical things about a mini break is the fact that you don’t need to organise it way in advance since you’ll only need a day or 2 off of work. The majority of mini packages last for 2 or 3 nights and usually take place over a weekend for added convenience, so even if you’re regretting the meagre day or so you have left of days to take, don’t be down – thanks to a mini break you can still get away!

And as an added bonus, you can really easily manage to take a last minute mini break without much planning. Especially if it happens to fall on a Bank Holiday, you can enjoy your extra day off somewhere totally new.

Easy organisation

For longer holidays you do of course need to be that bit more organised including care for your pets, house plants (maybe not cactuses!), sorting out luggage and making sure your house is at least under some kind of watch. With a mini break, these things are all so much easier. Fido can kip with a friend for a night or 2, if you’re jetting off abroad your insurance won’t be costly, and you won’t have to pay for in-hold luggage.

Basically if you like to keep things easy and carefree, you can achieve this with a mini break that won’t have you running round trying to get a million and one things done before you sally forth.

Family friendly

Although once the realm of couples seeking a bit of romance or groups of friends looking for a party weekend, mini break packages are becoming more and more family friendly, which is ideal if you want to enjoy somewhere new with your kids in tow.

In addition to this, especially with younger children it can be a bit of an upheaval taking them away for 2 weeks, so a mini break is the ideal solution to let them enjoy all of the excitement of a family holiday without taking them completely out of their routine.

Great choice of packages

Just like with more traditional and longer package holidays, these days there is a huge selection to choose from when it comes to mini package breaks. Whether you prefer jetting off abroad or staying within the UK, or even trips that’ll let you drive or take the train, there are so many options out there now that you can really tailor your mini break to your tastes.

City breaks, sporty adventures, romantic getaways, to relaxing in the countryside – mini breaks can be as cultural, active or laidback as you like them, so simply choose one that you know will suit your style.

Cost effective

Of course one of the most wonderful things about a mini package break is the fact that they can be pretty cost effective, which is ideal if you have a budget that you want to be respectful of. Since you’ll be going away for just a few nights, even if you want to basically live in the lap of luxury during those nights, you won’t be breaking the bank to do it. With lower accommodation costs, insurance premiums and fewer considerations like pet care, you can more easily be economical with your holiday. Short but intense, you won’t have to scrimp on all of life’s lovely little luxuries when you’re enjoying your mini break.

And just like with any other package holiday, since in general you’ll be booking your flights or transport plus accommodation all at the same time, you can really get a great deal and save on your holiday. The bigger holiday providers will usually have agreements with certain hotels and flight operators so do take advantage of these to get the perfect mini break deal for you and all at the right price.

So if your feet have been starting to itch and you fancy visiting somewhere new, then you should definitely consider taking a mini break. Conveniently short, fun and economical too, it can be the perfect chance for you to get away. To help you find that ideal mini package break and at a price that you’re going to love, we recommend checking out https://www.groupon.co.uk/discount-codes/shops/nike.com for some fantastic mini package deals. Browse and find inspiration for your next break and satisfy those itchy feet!

With spring starting to creep onto the horizon, it is the perfect time of the year to treat yourself to a wonderful mini break, so start getting inspired now.

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